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We are just another Indian family that spent a decade abroad and are back to find our roots and wanting to make a difference. We want our kids to grow up knowing that our country has beautiful organic untouched products that are grown by the unknown farmer.

The focus of the 1990s was price point, and the Indian farmer simply couldn’t make it work anymore. Framers who grow their own honey are threatened to be shut down by cheap honey pricing in the market.

Fast-forward to 2020 where a new generation – my generation – understands that more than price matters. We dontwant to medicate or kids for minor ailments and want natural, pure, organic products again, Products like the farmers in the 90s produced. But family-scale rural farmers still have a challenge finding the right kind of buyer for their natural products(cos they fall prey to the agents).This way,the bee farmer gets a market for his product, never goes out of business and doesnt need to reduce his price or adultrate his product.

That’s a big reason why we decided to start  BePure Foods. Our vision is to train the rural bee producer to produce marketable,quality honey and build a space where tribal bee gatherers of Simlipal other verified small family-owned apiaries in our villages can source their honey to people who know they are only going to get pure, raw, unfiltered honey made with care while helping support sustainable family-scale farming.

A heartfelt thank you and Pranam for wanting to be a part of this journey with BeePure Raw Honey!

Our company works on only 3 basic core principals:

Always Pure:   By sourcing directly from small family-owned village farms and the Tribal villages that we travel and connect with directly, we are just doing our part to support fair trade and sustainability.  We will always source from family-scale and villages.

Always Certified:   Our honey will be certified by Labs (NABL accreditated Labs),no matter how often we source from the same farm or same apiaries.

Always giving:    Our tribal bee gatherers are a part of our company and hold shares, giving them a cut of the profit for the rest of their lives.

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Honey is a sweet, viscous food substance made by honey bees from the sugary secretions of plants by regurgitation, enzymatic activity, and water evaporation. 

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